Vacation Rental Safety Consulting


The vacation rental home is currently the most accident prone segment of the travel industry. Vacation Rental Managers and Home Owners are being charged with manslaughter for deadly accidents in properties they manage or control that they didn’t take the time to address basic, well publicized safety practices and methods to. It’s no longer an excuse to say, “we weren’t aware that accident could happen in our vacation rental”. Utilizing our operational experiences laced with the cause and effect realities gained from investigative and litigation experiences, we provide the vacation rental community with practical solution based protocols.

Have you done everything you can to create a safe vacation rental experience for your renters? We are experts ready and willing to partner with you to maximize your current operations.  We offer many relationship-based services to layer on top of your existing safety program or operational format.

Having vacation rental consulting is similar to having a “coach”.  Our goal as vacation rental safety consultants is to guide you towards success and to operate at your safest potential with a positive and value-added approach.

Vacation Rental Safety Consulting Services

REntal Agencies

  • Train your staff to be “safety aware”.

  • Onsite Training Programs – Innovative and pragmatic training programs based on actual case studies and lessons learned.

  • Safety Audits of vacation rental homes.

  • Documentation Review & Consultation

  • New Vacation Rental Home Design & Operational Consultation

  • Management & Leadership Training


  • Guidance on the best safety products for vacation rental homes

  • Safety product installations

  • ‘New to market’ safety products (such as UL2020 smoke detectors)


  • Agency Education

  • Educational Speaking on a variety of topics for government meetings, industry conferences, and corporate events:

    • Inspection Checklists

    • Lessons Learned from Safety Investigations

    • Risk Prevention Strategies

    • Increasing Bookings - Using Safety As A Marketing Tool

    • Effective Instructional Techniques

    • Improving Property Management Performance

    • and many more…

Contact us here for a complete list of our services and to see how we can add value to your operation or assignment.