Our Safety Certifications:


Dwell Safe ® works with Rental Home Owners, Professional Rental Agencies and Municipalities to Inspect and Certify that a rental dwelling is safe to occupy for paying guests using safety checklists it developed with State Fire Marshalls and other Government Safety Regulators starting back in 2014.

WE offer two TYPES of certification:

Basic Safe - This certification means that a rental home has met all the standard of life safety criteria to be offered for rent and prevent accidental deaths.

Family Safe - In addition to meeting Basic Safe criteria, a rental dwelling certified as Family Safe meets special safety criteria that is intended to not only save lives, but prevent injuries.

The Dwell Safe® rental safety checklists are able to be completed by anyone over the age of 18 using a smart phone or tablet using Android or iOS software. The dwelling owner, their rental agent, a neighbor, or anyone that the the dwelling owner requests to complete it - can do the inspection. State, County or Municipal Governments can require that our safety checklists can be completed annually by the dwelling owner as part of licensing requirements. Insurance companies, such as Proper Insurance®, offer discounts when the inspection is certified as “passed”. The Basic Safe checklist should take less than 15 minutes to complete if everything is in order. The Family Safe checklist can take an hour or so, based on the size of the rental dwelling. Here’s what you need to do….

Step 1

SIgn Up For Dwell Safe®

Register here for the yearly Basic Safe certification on this website with an $89 annual fee (the Family Safe certification is coming later in 2019) for $139). Your purchase is for the Dwell Safe® safety checklist with which to review and inspect your dwelling. The checklist will be emailed to you after purchase.


Step 2

Inspect The Dwelling

Complete the inspection using your smart phone or tablet that has Android or iOS software in it and submit it to Dwell Safe®. A member of the Dwell Safe® staff will review the completed checklist and photos you provide. Correct items to gain certification if needed.


Step 3

Get Certified

Once your self-inspection for safety in your rental dwelling is certified by Dwell Safe®, you'll receive a unique Certification Number which can be used along with our Certification Shield to market your dwelling as a safe rental to occupy. A Dwell Safe® dwelling is what renters want!


Dwell Safe® partners with Proper Insurance® to bring the best and most complete in coverage for your vacation rental.