These four dual detection smoke detectors have the highest ratings from Consumer Reports® for detection. (You can click on each detector to purchase it through Amazon or Jet). The hardwired detectors rated slightly higher than the battery only ones. You always want to hardwire in your detectors if you can, but having the battery only ones where there isn’t a cost-effective way to wire in the detectors is acceptable. Note that none of these detectors are combination CO Detectors. Here at Dwell Safe®, we always recommend separate digital readout CO detectors as shown in the next section below. Please note that earlier versions of the Kidde detectors below were recalled in March of 2018. If you have one of the earlier ones, be sure to check here.

Digital readout Carbon Monoxide detectors

When it comes to carbon monoxide detectors, Consumer Reports® only ranked one detector with the highest ranking and its the one we like the best too. (You can click on the detector to purchase it through Amazon) This First Alert Dual-Power Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm, Plug-In with Battery Backup and Digital Display, Model CO615 is one we have used for several years with great results. Its important to be able to register how much CO is evident in the air if an incident occurs. It will help medical professionals in the treatment of any carbon monoxide poisoning should it occur. These units come with a long wire to plug them in with as well.


Many people have died in gas explosions in vacation rentals over the past few years. We highly recommend installing an explosive gas detector for propane or natural gas near any appliance that uses it. One in the kitchen near the gas range, one in the utility room near the gas furnace, and one in the laundry room near the gas dryer. There aren’t any rating for these on Consumer Reports®, but we’ve had good experience with this one. Click on the image to learn more at Amazon.com.


Every rental property must have an emergency safety card prominently placed. The card illustrated below is one we offer for sale here on this site for $6.99 with a plastic case and command strips that you can easily mount in a notable location in your rentals. We recommend putting them on the refrigerator. Professional rental agencies will often have mass-produced ones, but we highly recommend specific information for each dwelling be included such as the address to the property to give to an emergency dispatcher when calling 911 from a cellphone, the location of first aid kits, fire extinguishers, the gas shut off and water shut off. Its nice to have 4 so you can put one on the Master Bath mirror, a Guest Bathroom mirror and maybe near a pool or spa.

Fire ExtinguisherS

Be sure to always mount any fire extinguishers in your rental dwelling. Mount them 3.5 to 5 feet above the floor so they're out of the reach of small children. The biggest mistake many people make is that they stick them under a sink or up in a kitchen cabinet. The worst location is beside the kitchen stove where the fire is located. You won’t want to reach in next to the fire to get the extinguisher. Home fires are often unpredictable, and they can be deadly. That's why you need one full-floor, multipurpose fire extinguisher on each level of your home and one in your garage, plus smaller, supplemental units for the kitchen.


It may come as a surprise if you haven’t followed the news in recent years, but people have actually been getting grill brush bristles caught in their throat. We’ve notice many vacation rentals ‘cheap-out’ with the biggest culprits when it comes to grill brushes that loose their bristles. Look to supply our renters with grill stones or bristle free brushes like these.


Install flashlights in each vacation rental bedroom. We like these. Just use a label maker or permanent marker to label the flashlight as belonging in your rental so that Guests don’t walk off with them accidentally.


Make sure you are properly testing the smoke detectors in your rentals often. Pushing the ‘test’ button simply tests the alarm sound and that the power is working to the unit. To actually test the detector, you need to spray one of these into it….

Custom First Aid Kits

For less than the cost of soaps and other products you leave for free in your vacation rentals - you can make customized first aid kits with your logo and safety items that a renter may need based on the rental location. These run from $3 to $9 a piece. They make great marketing pieces as well as surely your Guests will take them with them when they depart the rental.